Study japanese

Browse 2000+ Kanjis, 10000+ vocabulary entries, and even Kanas if you begin. FSearch and filter or sort Kanjis by JLPT, frequency, grade, ...

Train yourself

Different quiz options. And flexible answering input modes:
Multiple choices
Handwriting recognition

Track your progress

Advanced visual statistics to better understand your learning progress, and keep yourself motivated.

And also

Lists management, kanji and kana handwriting search, stroke order draw practicing, prononciation listening, ...

Different ways to train

AI powered quiz

Exclusive SRS algorithm that organizes your reviews with the right items at the right time to optimize memory retention.
Automatically adjusts itself to late and early reviews.

Smart quiz

One tap way to review dynamic groups of flashcards.

Custom quiz

Advanced options, list or filter based entry scoping, manual edition, flashcard kind selection...

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Japanese courses. A proven method with progress tracking and exercices.

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Study and drill the Japanese alphabet: Hiragana and Katakana.

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About me

As a teenager, my friends and I were very into manga. That got me very attracted to Japan and it's culture.
A few years later, I lived there: for the last year before graduation from my engineering school in France, I was an exchange student at Keio University in Tokyo.

At that time, I got my first iPhone and could not help but imagine what apps I could create as a developer. That's how my research and development project at Keio turned into the development of the very first version of Benkyō. But I was eager to achieve an app that stands out, adapted for mobile and that could really help Japanese language learners with polished features and content.

In 2019, I released Kana to help beginners learn the Japanese alphabet. I then released Sensei I received so much positive feedback from users around the world that I decided to work hard to craft an app that goes way beyong Kana, this app is Benkyō.